Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Unbound Commerce?

Unbound Commerce is a leading provider of mobile and social commerce solutions, designed for retailers seeking to reach their customers anytime and anywhere. Unbound’s unique approach treats mobile as a powerful new channel, not merely as a smaller version of the standard site, or as a function to be outsourced. Unbound customers benefit from a solution directly under their control and integrated into their existing e-commerce operations.

Q2. What is Mobile Presence for Yahoo! Merchants? What is included in this service?

Mobile Presence for Yahoo! Merchants is a mobile website for your Yahoo! store. It's a full version of your current product catalog, formatted for every kind of mobile device. Our platform retrieves your product information from your store and generates mobile optimized web pages (products as well as checkout pages) for your store. Any new orders placed on your mobile site are automatically placed into the Yahoo! backend. Hence you do not have to do anything differently to process mobile orders. Mobile Presence for Yahoo! Merchants is NOT an iPhone or Android Client application. If you are interested in a client application, please send us an e-mail.

Q3. What is the difference between the Basic and Premium template?

Both basic and premium template offer a full catalog and checkout, dashboard control of banner images and main navigation. Premium offers some extra features for your mobile site. Please click here for a visual guide of both templates.

Q4. Can I take a look at the mobile sites you built for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Stores?

Absolutely. Here are just a few of the mobile sites we built for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions customers:

Q5. I am on Yahoo! Store (Legacy) Platform. Can my website be mobile enabled?

Yes. We have mobile enabled several Yahoo! Legacy stores. Here is a list of Yahoo! Legacy Stores that are mobile enabled:

Q6. How much does the service cost?
Store Type Basic Build Premium Template PayPal Checkout Cost per month per store
Yahoo! Legacy Store $450.00 $1500.00 + $300.00 $125.00
Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Professional Store $450.00 $1500.00 + $300.00 $125.00
Yahoo! Merchant Solution Standard Store $450.00 $1500.00 + $300.00 $50.00

Note: Unbound does not charge any transaction fees. Since orders flow through Yahoo! shopping cart, you are subject to whatever commercial terms you have with Yahoo! Small Business.

Q7. Where can I sign up for the service?

Click here to sign up for Mobile Presence for Yahoo! Merchants.

Q8. I have signed up for the service. What do I need to do next?

After you sign up for our service, we need you grant us access to your Yahoo! store. This is how to grant access:

  • 1. Please go to
  • 2. Go to Store Control Panel > Site Settings > Access > Add User
  • 3. Fill out the field with these answers:
    • - Name: Unbound Commerce
    • - Email:
    • - Assign Role: Administrator
      • 4. Click on OK and Save. After this our web designers will take care of the rest.
Q9. When will my mobile site be ready?

After we receive store access it will take about 5 business days for a basic build and 12 business days for a premium build.

Q10. What is a mobile redirect? When will it be turned on for my site?

The mobile redirect is a javascript file we place on your desktop site. It detects mobile web traffic and sends it to your mobile website. The mobile redirect is deployed after we finish building your site and have tested to make sure it is working properly.

Q11. How do you build my mobile site? How do you retrieve my products and category pages?

We build your mobile site by retrieving your product and category information from catalog.xml (only available for Merchant Solutions Stores) or objinfo.xml (for Legacy and Merchant Solutions Stores). Your mobile site pulls the catalog information once a day automatically and mirrors any changes you have made to your categories or products.

Q12. How do I process the orders placed on my mobile site?

Orders placed on your mobile site are automatically placed in the Yahoo! backend infrastructure. You will be following the same process you normally follow to ship orders placed via your desktop site.

Q13. How can I create category/section pages on my mobile site?

The section pages you create on your Yahoo! store are automatically retrieved and created on mobile site from your desktop site.

Q14. How can I change the colors and images on my mobile site to mirror my desktop site?

You can do some basic styling of your mobile site via the mobile dashboard. From here you will have access to edit images on sliders, site colors, and appearance of buttons. For more custom work please contact our design team at

Q15. Are the promo codes set up throughPromo Manager from King Web Master able to work on my mobile site?

Yes, if you have paypal checkout this is added automatically, if you are using unbound commerce checkout we will need a partner key.

Q16. How can I access my mobile site traffic/revenue reports?

You can use your mobile dashboard to see recent orders, revenue for the current day, prior day, week, month, and year. We also work with Yahoo! and Google analytics to provide you with a weekly report of site traffic on your mobile site.

Q17. Do you support Paypal payments on mobile sites?

Yes, using our responsive solution we are able to support PayPal checkout. It is an extra $300 to your site build.

Q18. I have a live mobile site, can I add PayPal check out?

Yes, please contact our design team and they will be happy to assist you.

Q19. I have customized my website quite a bit and would like to make similar customizations on my mobile site as well. How do I go about making these customizations?

Our premium template offers a lot of customisation options. Any customizations that are outside of the standard mobile site setup process are handled by our professional design team. Our hourly rate is $150. For more information, please contact our support/services team at

Q20. What devices will see the mobile site?

Any smart mobile device with a screen with of less than 420px. This includes all moderns smart phones. This does not include tablets.

Q21. Can I have a tablet site with Unbound Commerce?

Yes, we have launched several tables sites. Please contact our support team and they will be happy to provide you more information about tablet sites.